A few takings from the 2017 Federal Budget


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We are very proud to announce that both Larry Urdarov and Gavin Murray were selected as Finalists in the 2016 Hunter Business Chamber Awards.


Common Sense Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

  It seems that almost on a daily basis we hear about another instance of identity theft, or about some large organisation whose computers have been hacked putting their customer’s data at risk.   Even the AFP has recently been hit with sending victims erroneous emails claiming...

HUB Advisory Group
HUB Advisory Group – a partnership of collaboration

Accounting, Financial Advice, Lending. HUB Advisory Group is the creative partnership between Urdarov Accountants and HUB Wealth Solutions, created to provide lending services to both their accounting and financial advice clients. Larry Urdarov, Director, Urdarov Accountants and Gavin Murray, Director, HUB Wealth Solutions say their philosophy...

Family Trusts
What is a family trust?

Discretionary Family Trusts are an effective way to hold investments. A trust is a separate investment structure where assets are controlled by one or more persons (the trustee/s) on behalf of a group of other persons (the beneficiaries). A discretionary trust allows the trustee to decide...

Employee Empowerment
Employee Empowerment

What does this mean to you?   Has this ever happened to you?  You have entered a place of business (for me it was a Doctors office) and something just felt OFF.  As I approached the counter, the receptionist was clearly having a bad day.  Eye contact was...

Best Marketing Tool your Staff 7 Oct 15
Best Marketing Tool your Staff

In addition to your marketing brochures, business cards and company advertisements, your employees should be considered your most important marketing tool.  After all, these are the people you are entrusting to create an ultimate Client Experience SO great that there’s no question they will return...

How Good are your communication skills 27 Jul 15
How Good Are Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are some of the most important skills that you need to succeed in the workplace. If you want to be an expert communicator, you need to be effective at all points in the communication process from sender through to receiver, and you must be...

Australian Business Challenges
Australian Business Challenges

What is the most common business challenge facing Australian Companies today? At Hub Advisory Group, we asked clients what they thought were the key business challenges facing Australian companies today.  A recent national study has shown that the largest concern, raised by 51 per cent of those...

Sole Trading
The Do’s and Dont’s of Sole Trading

When it comes to Sole Trading, many inspiring entrepreneurs are alike in the questioning of whether to sole trade. Before opening your own business, you need to consider operating under the appropriate business structure.  Sole tradership is a type of business structure where the sole trader...